How do citizens perceive authoritarian and threatening propaganda? In this project, I explore the effectiveness and perception of such power propaganda.

In two working papers, Karsten Donnay and I are investigating these outcomes. For once, we ran a survey in the unstable authoritarian regime of Venezuela. Next, we conducted a similar study during the 2020 Black Lives Matters protests in the United States. While our results show that citizens perceive power propaganda as strong, we find that this type of political communication may backfire.

In a new working paper, together with Carl Henrik Knutsen and Jonas Dræge , we explore the micro-mechanisms of such perceptions looking at emotions and political behavior outcomes in Turkey. This research has also been featured in the University’s of Oslo’s Apollon magazine (in Norwegian).

Philipp M. Lutscher
Philipp M. Lutscher
Postdoctoral Fellow

My research interests include communication and information technology, authoritarian regimes, contentious politics, and quantitative methods